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Katia works as a physical therapist at the Centro Cardinal Ferrari in Fontanellato, a leading Italian landmarks in rehabilitation for severe brain injuries, with patients from all regions of Italy.

Since July 2017 the Corehab technology has been adopted as a neuromotor rehabilitation methodology for patients who have suffered brain damage but also in cognitive field, for example in the rehabilitation of attentional disorders.

During one of our visits to the center we met her “at work” and we interviewed her.

Il Centro Cardinal Ferrari – Fontanellato, Parma

Can you talk us about your center and your job?

Me and my colleague Lorenzo Negri, we take care of people with severe brain injuries through a multidisciplinary approach that brings the patient to the highest possible degree of autonomy, compatibly with the seriousness of the neurological damage.
The complexity and multiplicity of the deficits that characterize severe brain injuries led the CCF to develop specialist skills that help in responding to the needs of patients with outcomes of various diseases different from brain injury, but similar in terms of manifestation

How do you use Riablo and with which patients in particular?

We use Riablo with patients who have acquired motor and cognitive skills that allow them to interface with the device.
Thanks to the flexibility of Riablo, we create working protocols to train strength, coordination and balance, specifically adapted to the capabilities and characteristics of the individual patient.
Through the visual biofeedback the patient performs a neuromuscular training that allows him to self-correct and properly restore the motor pattern.
An immediate report of the accuracy of his work allows us to have objective data to measure its progress.

Can you describe us the most successful case with Riablo?

The patient with whom we have had the best results, came in our center after a severe cranioencephalic trauma due to a car accident. When he started using Riablo, deficits in posture alignment and balance were observed. It was planned a protocol with targeted exercises, by customizing the difficulty level, the number and the duration of repetitions.
After 10 sessions, combined with the traditional neuromotor therapy, we noticed a marked improvement in his autonomy during locomotion and in safety during movements.

Fontanellato is not the only center of Santo Stefano Group that is using Riablo with both neurological and orthopedic patients.
The experience has just begun and we believe there will be much more to tell…

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