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Innovative technology at biomechanics’ service,
for people who need to improve their movement: this is the mission of CoRehab, which has conceived solutions able to revolutionize the movement, making it measurable and accessible during
rehabilitation and exercise-therapy.

The CoRehab team

CoRehab has created a line of latest-generation products dedicated to the rehabilitation of the person with neurological, orthopedic and sports problems.

The systems we develop all have an audio-visual biofeedback system designed to increase the accuracy of recorded measurements and support the patient in performing the exercises.

All this leads to a better effectiveness of the rehabilitation treatment and therefore to a reduction in recovery times thanks to a patented compensation correction system.

Afterwards, CoRehab’s know-how has merged into Euleria Health,
an innovative startup and Benefit Company.



During this year David ‘Dao’ Tacconi and Roberto ‘Bob’ Tomasi had fish to fry when the idea, coming from previous injuries and weeks of rehabilitation for David, flashed clear and definite in the head of the young Florentine engineer.
Armed with a Wii, David and Roberto realized

the first Riablo prototype, to show everyone

what their idea consisted of.


1 idea

2 people

 desire to succeed


During this year the first prototype is created, all with Italian technology and texts are written on hundreds of patients in Italy.

In this year Riablo is born in its first versions.
It is immediately clear, in fact, how to give more possibilities to this idea and provide different options to customers.

5 people

1 office

1 product


Scientific publications

This is the year in which CoRehab completes many scientific publications in support of Riablo, thanks to the collaboration with the Rizzoli of Bologna and the FIFA Medical Center.

Rizzoli of Bologna has worked with CoRehab since its inception and has never stopped believing in the project. Thanks also to the collaboration with the FIFA Medical Center in Innsbruck it was possible to create a new product for the evaluation of athletes. What will be?

5 publications

250 people involved in the studies



In 2015, thanks to the collaboration with a team of orthopedics and sports doctors, it will be possible to acquire the know-how of an important research carried out by the University of Innsbruck, which allowed the creation of a battery of tests to evaluate the return to sport after a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.

The normative data collected on 8 different age and sex groups become an important basis of comparison for all the athletes and not who test themselves in the Back in Action test.

450 subjects for regulatory data

2 years of data collection


Medical device

During this year CoRehab earns the ISO 13485 certificate which recognizes it as a manufacturer of medical devices. This work required a lot of effort and allowed CoRehab to make the necessary quality leap to offer its customers top quality products.

In the same year, thanks to the by now ISO procedures, it was possible to mark CE the product RIABLO and BACK IN ACTION (the CoRehab Platform), effectively setting one of the most important milestones in the history of CoRehab.

The work done to obtain ISO 13485 has provided CoRehab with tools to make production work efficient and recognized by all.

The medical CE mark also makes it possible to export as a medical device throughout Europe and beyond



From the outset, Riablo’s goal was to enter people’s homes, to be able to continue the work started at the clinic at home and to be able to follow patients who needed it longer. Finally in 2017 Riablo becomes available also at home, thanks to a miniPC and easy instructions.

During this year we have approached even more the patients who use Riablo and we have understood the importance that it covers for many people.


Towards neurorehabilitation and beyond

During this year, CoRehab won an important European ban that aimed to facilitate rehabilitation for people who had suffered a stroke. For this reason, a product is currently undergoing clinical validation in Northern Ireland and Italy.

MAGIC PCP is the name of the European tender.
Once validated, the product can
be marketed throughout Europe.


When we started this journey, we didn’t know where we were going, we still know how the idea of Riablo will evolve. But one thing we know, Kari arrives on everyone’s tablets and thanks to a single sensor it reduces the initial cost in an incredible way.

Kari places another important milestone in the history of CoRehab, as an app that allows you to do exercises everywhere with fun.

150k+ performed exercises

15k+ performed evaluation

12.000+ patients

Registered Office:

CoRehab srl
Polo Tecnologico
Trentino Sviluppo
Via dei Solteri, 38
38121 Trento (TN)


CoRehab srl
Modulo B03
Via delle Zigherane, 4/A
38068 Rovereto (TN)

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