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A new phase for CoRehab



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The cofounders David Tacconi and Roberto Tomasi make official the purchase of the shares of the majority shareholder Ferla srl, which in recent years has contributed to the growth of the company from scratch and the creation of the products currently in the catalog. The agreement was signed at the Law and Tax Consulting firm of Trento, in the presence of the purchasing partners, the sole director of Ferla and the accountant Michele Menghini and will allow the founding partners to carry out the expected technological and commercial development plan.

In thanking the outgoing members for the fundamental contribution given in these years, David and Roberto relaunch the ambitions of CoRehab which in fact enters a new phase of growth and international expansion.

“In recent years, the members of Ferla have contributed to the creation of the company and to the development of our products, providing the company with the financial and entrepreneurial support necessary for those who started from scratch like us,” says David.


“The company now has a complete product portfolio and a well-organized corporate structure that allows it to enhance the commercial development that has been experienced in some markets to date.”

In order to carry out the business plan, the founders considered, in agreement with the outgoing partner Ferla, to provide the company with a lean corporate structure and leaving full powers to founders who have been working for 200% in CoRehab for years.

CoRehab is carrying out an important development with agreements already signed in over 10 countries around the world with local distributors and international partners in the last few months of 2019.

“But for us this is just the beginning and we expect to grow considerably in the coming months and to expand our team to fully support our development strategy.

We firmly believe in our mission and we want to continue to develop those technologies and products that make our company grow, bringing improvement to all the people who will find themselves using them, be they clients or patients. “

“We have made significant progress from a technological point of view in this last period”

continues Roberto “bringing our technologies to mobile environments and developing new products that we are ready to launch in 2020, thus giving our company multiple growth opportunities ”.

All that remains is to wait for the next developments and see how the CoRehab team will embrace this new phase.


Parkinson rehabilitation

Parkinson rehabilitation

Parkinson rehabilitation is strongly based on motor exercises that improve balance and mobility of patients if performed with biofeedback and technology

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