exercise as medicine: the case of villa beretta hospital

Exercise as medicine

The Villa Beretta hospital has always been considered and Italian and world excellence in the field of rehabilitation medicine.

A reality that proposes a new way of interpreting rehabilitation medicine based on the cooperation of different professional figures: physicians specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation, physiotherapists, speech therapists, nurses, social assistants, psychologists, neuropsychologists, orthopedic technicians and bioengineers.

A synergistic work whose goal is to improve the capacity for independent living and the quality of life of people with problems deriving from disabilities caused by congenital or acquired diseases.

For this purpose, the team of rehabilitation experts is constantly looking for tools that support them in dealing with rehabilitative pathways focused on therapeutic exercise and that are able to offer accurate and objective data and analysis.

“At Villa Beretta, patients using Riablo experience the dual task with the aim of “stressing” the cognitive aspect”

Sensors and biofeedback as a solution

Starting from the need to integrate technological systems capable of supporting the rehabilitation process, Dr. Franco Molteni has chosen Riablo among the solutions at the service of its staff and its patients.

Thanks to wearable sensors and to the stabilometric platform (equipped with 320 pressure sensors as well as an accelerometer to detect the inclination), Riablo is able to monitor patient movements, producing an audio-visual biofeedback that guides them in the correct execution of exercises, avoiding compensations.

Riablo’s audio-visual biofeedback, acting on neural plasticity, favors the reorganization of neural networks and the restoration of motor patterns.

A statement that could be translated into what has become the leitmotif of the structure: “Exercise as medicine”.





Creativity in rehabilitation 

The patients rehabilitated with Riablo at Villa Beretta are already over 500 with more than 20.000 exercises performed since the day of its installation in Costa Masnaga.

Important numbers that demonstrate the complete integration of Riablo within daily rehabilitation practices and that see the following exercises stand out in terms of the number of executions:

  • Lat Trunk Flexion: exercise for trunk mobility. The patient, in a sitting position, must flex the trunk to the right or to the left following a feedback on the screen that represents the angle of inclination of the trunk on the frontal plane. Two other sensors placed on the thigh and tibia register information about possible compensations of the lower limbs.
  • Bi-Shoulder Flexion: bilateral exercise for the upper limbs that requires the patient to perform a flexion movement of both arms. The sensors positioned on the arms carry information about the angle of flexion reached, the sensors on the wrists register any compensations in terms of rotation of the wrist while the sensor on the trunk records any compensatory movements of the trunk.
  • Start Walking: exercise that simulates the gait phase related to the acceptance of the load. Thanks to the pressure board and 3 inertial sensors positioned on the trunk, on the tibia and on the thigh, Riablo controls the displacement of the load, the alignment between the trunk, hip and tibia at the moment of arrival on the platform and provides immediate feedback to the patient in order to let him know if he is swinging too much with his trunk

Quantity and quality, but also creativity.

Thanks to the intense interaction with the physiotherapists, patients who use Riablo also experience the dual task which aims to “stress” the cognitive aspect.

During the execution of the motor task, which already requires the patient to look at the visual feedback on the screen, the physiotherapist adds another level of difficulty asking the patient to repeat words backwards or to perform simple mathematical operations.


From the hospital to the patient‘s home

Not only Villa Beretta was the first center to glimpse the application of Riablo in the neurological field, but it was also the first to strongly want its application at home.

Using the home version of Riablo, equipped with only 3 sensors and a laptop that can be connected to the television, patients continue at home the rehabilitation process started in the clinic.

Riablo already contains the specific exercise program for the individual rehabilitation case and the patient has to do nothing but start the daily session.

 If the patient also has an internet connection, Riablo will send home exercise data to the hospital in order to constantly monitor the rehabilitation process remotely.

The Villa Beretta working method is completely focused on the person and on his needs, in order to improve his autonomous life capacity, social participation and quality of life.

We are proud and grateful to have been chosen as a partner in this ambitious project which has its roots in the right of every single individual to recover his daily life.


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