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New technologies


It leaves no space for interpretation the phrase inscribed on the main wall of the Athletic Elite Gym. 

It hits you, at the entry threshold, and leaves immediately on your skin the unmistakable mark that this Training House wants to convey.

Direct, decisive, unambiguous.


In its being mutually exclusive it becomes ruthless.
Do it or go home
What else is there to understand?
At Athletic Elite there is no space for those who are not willing to “go fast.”
But faster than what? Faster than who?
To be “elite athletes” is not necessary to go faster than the others, the essential is to go faster than yourself, to be willing to push yourself over your limits, to beat your stronger opponent: yourself.
Be “elite athletes” it means to live the most of your passion, sacrifice and professionalism every day.
Be “elite athletes” means embracing a philosophy of thought, attitude to work, a mindset.

The crew of Athletic Elite

Photography by G. Buttafuoco


A table, four chairs and a few weights dropped here and there … there was not much else at number 8 in Legnano Road in Milan the first time we met Alessio, Roberto, Fabio and Gabriele in March 2016.
But that apparent and momentary void was already filled by ideas, enthusiasm and ambitions of four boys unified by a common dream, to create a Training House that is also a concept: the athlete becomes the center of the system, within a network well structured … exciting and updated coach, a professional medical support, a meetings and transfers network to find better conditions to compete.

But also events, clinics and training sessions dedicated to the Crew, to feel a living part of a strong and vibrant community aimed by passion for sport.

” Be elite athletes means to live the most of your passion, sacrifice and professionalism every day.

E così, con le idee chiare e i progetti in divenire, il 12 settembre 2016, non a caso l’anniversario dello storico giorno in cui Mennea siglò il record mondiale dei 200 m, la casa degli atleti apre i battenti.

Photographies by G. Buttafuoco

PASSION, ENERGY and INNOVATION: the common attitude that inevitably drew us towards each other.

The will of Elite Athletic to look for innovative solutions to achieve the goal, technologically advanced tools that can support the work of professionals by providing reliable and accurate measurements, got married right away with our capacity for innovation.
Assessments with Check-in-Motion, balance, strength, speed and agility evaluations with Back-in-Action, exercises with the biofeedback of Riablo to improve neuromuscular capacity.
A synergy between professionals and technology for a 360 ° approach aimed at maximizing the potential of every athlete regardless of his starting level.

That’s how we started running together.

The relay race with Athletic Elite is just at the starting blocks, there are many projects in development in our company that trainers and athletes of Athletic Elite are ready to experiment.
When passion for technology and passion for sport meet, it is impossible not to go far… and FAST

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