hip and knee replacement rehabilitation

Total joint replacements: the current situation

 Hip prostheses, along with those of the knee, now represent over 50% of elective orthopedic operations. Interventions that are becoming increasingly common due to the increasing age of the population and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

According to what emerged during the 100th congress of SIOT – Italian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology – in Italy over 200,000 prostheses are implanted every year, of which over 100,000 of hip and just over 85,000 of knee.

The constantly increasing numbers of knee and hip replacement surgeries (+ 141% in the last 15 years) are forcing public and private health facilities to become highly specialized “assembly lines” and to drastically reduce post-operative hospitalization time, de-hospitalizing patients almost without rehabilitation.

But the post-operative rehabilitation process is essential to maximize the result of the intervention and the physical recovery of the patient, in order to guarantee him the best possible quality of life.


Rehabilitation for hip and knee implants with Riablo

CoRehab has always aimed to help physiotherapists and patients recover from injuries or surgery.

To support post-surgery hip rehabilitation, we have devised several specific protocols within Riablo.

The proposed exercises allow you to work on joint mobility, proprioception, strengthening of the muscles and recovery of walking.

Thanks to wearable sensors and to the stabilometric platform, the patient performs the movements selected by his physiotherapist and receives visual-auditory feedback which allows him to self-correct in order to correctly re-establish the motor patterns.

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The implementation of the biofeedback technique in a specialized center

The post-operative rehabilitation program implemented at the Centro Ortopedico Traumatologico (COT) in Messina is experiencing enormous success.

In the 7-10 days following the operation, patients perform a specific training program thanks to Riablo‘s biofeedback exercises.

Exercises include: push-ups, extensions and abductions from lying down, sitting, standing or quadrupedia, with customizable difficulty levels.

The COT also offers the possibility of continuing home rehabilitation with Riablo Home, a simplified version of Riablo that allows patients with logistical difficulties to perform home rehabilitation exercises with remote supervision of their physiotherapist.

 “Thanks to Kari, the patient at home can communicate with the physiotherapist in a simple click”

From the post-surgery phase to home rehabilitation

 Given the drastic reduction in hospitalization times, we wanted to develop a new product that would help patients in the rehabilitation process even at home.

The product had to be simple to use, within everyone’s reach, usable everywhere and above all to provide reliable data.

From here Kari was born.

Unlike Riablo, Kari is composed of a single wearable sensor and an app that can be installed on any device.

Thanks to this device, the patient can begin to perform rehabilitation exercises in the very first days after leaving the hospital.

The inertial sensor is worn through a comfortable elastic band, it measures with extreme precision the movements of the operated limb and transmits the data to the application, which re-elaborates them in the form of visual feedback, all supported by a video tutorial in real time.

Once the clinic is left, thanks to Kari the patient is not left alone to face a long and uncertain recovery, but is followed and monitored. He can communicate with the physiotherapist in a simple and quick click, signaling and quantifying any perceived pain in the execution of the exercises and thus notifying the professional of his own difficulty.

In addition, a simple gamification system, badges and rewards, signals any improvements, motivating the patient to continue performing the exercises correctly and to improve session after session, all without having to constantly go to the physiotherapy center.


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