Home rehabilitation: future or reality?



Training New technologies

Almost every day we hear about the demographic winter, the aging of Western society and the next collapse of European health systems if we do not intervene in time by changing organizational models and intervention methods.

The musculoskeletal problems represent a good slice of the problem: becoming longer-lived we are also more fragile and our locomotor apparatus wears more easily, leading to problems so widespread as to become almost a social scourge.

If we add to this the sedentary lifestyle and the low propensity for physical exercise aimed at prevention, the problem takes on almost catastrophic dimensions.

In this context, technology and innovation can make a great contribution, helping those who become patients and their caregivers to make a large part of the rehabilitation process in the comfort of their own homes, leaving space in healthcare facilities to those who really need constant supervision. . Translated: if the recovery path following a musculoskeletal problem requires “only” performing an exercise routine once or several times a day, because the patient cannot do it at home simply by being remotely monitored by the physiotherapist of confidence?

Our entire journey to date has been aimed at understanding how technology can really help patients and movement professionals in performing the exercise. This is why we have created Riablo in the Premium, Gold, Silver and Basic versions, specifically designed for the rehabilitation clinic or rehabilitation center that treats orthopedic, neurological or sports patients. In these years hundreds of thousands of exercises have been performed with our devices, and this has allowed us to strengthen our convictions regarding the goodness of the execution of the movement with biofeedback and to better understand which are the requests of patients and professionals.

Not only that, we have also introduced functional, joint and balance assessments to support professionals in patient measurement.

We will always continue to provide high quality instruments for the clinics, but in recent years we have witnessed a rapid change in the methods and in the time taken to take care of patients, especially following elective orthopedic procedures such as hip and knee prostheses

CoRehab was born 7 years ago with a precise idea: to use technology to create effective and efficient home rehabilitation programs.

For this reason we have created Kari, the device for remote rehabilitation (or home rehabilitation).

As told in the product page, the professional who knows his patient and the exercises he needs, must do nothing but program them via cloud via a simple webapp. The patient starts the app, wears the sensor and, following some extremely clear videos, finds himself performing the exercises as if the physiotherapist were with him.

Only the physiotherapist is not physically there, he is in the clinic taking care of other patients who may need him most at that moment. At the end of the day you will receive an email or a simple message that will notify you that the exercises have been performed (or not) by the patient. By consulting Kari‘s web page, you can view the result obtained on each exercise, any problems or the presence of pain. In short, all the information the patient would have given had he been there with him. And then he can change the exercises and exchange messages with the patient, without wasting time and without asking the patient to move or to connect right at that hour. Everyone with Kari can do his job when and how he believes, and this happens in the best possible situation: the patient in his home, the physiotherapist in his free moments.

“When we talk about it we are emphasized that what we propose is an epochal change for a discipline, rehabilitation, which for years has been anchored to rigid organizational models. “

Unfortunately these models are no longer sustainable and technology, we repeat ourselves, helps, it is a real and concrete opportunity to embrace and not oppose. This technology does not dehumanize rehabilitation, rather it creates a contact, even if at a distance, where this contact can no longer exist, because hospitals and facilities that can offer continuous rehabilitation services for certain patients are and will always be less, for the reasons we said at the beginning.

Our technology always and in any case moves together with the movement professionals, it tries to help those who really offer a service to patients and those who have the competence to recover or suffer as little as possible due to musculoskeletal problems. We have created Kari, a platform, an instrument, we do not replace competence; now we are looking for professionals willing to offer a new service to their patients, to give their expertise through an innovative technology.

“Home rehabilitation begins now, it’s not the future anymore!”

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