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Kari is a simple medical device composed of a sensor and a dedicated app that guides the patient through a personalized rehabilitation program.

The app is designed to work on all mobile devices: like smartphones and tablets, without any limitations; all you need is an internet connection and a bluetooth.

The system is highly innovative and makes it possible to objectify the patient’s progress thanks to the data transmitted by the inertial sensor.

The app, in addition to guiding the patient, motivates him by automatically producing detailed reports on his progress, encouraging him to reach a complete rehabilitation.

As for Riablo, Kari also uses our biofeedback system to guide patients in performing the different exercises.

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We designed the system around a single sensor, wearable with a comfortable headband, and an app as intuitive as possible



Once the sensor is worn, the patient just needs to start the app and start doing his exercises following the biofeedback visible from the device he uses.



To keep the patient motivated, we have arranged a series of prizes that the user wins over the course of the program.


The word biofeedback means, translating from English, having an answer (feedback) from certain sensors installed on our body (bio).

Along with Riablo, Kari is also a biofeedback medical device.

Through the inertial sensor, the patient is given feedback, in this case visual, on the movements of his body.

Looking at the feedback shown on the screen, the patient gradually corrects his position to stay within the exercise parameters set by the physiotherapist.

Plan the exercises

With KARI you can create a program of exercises choosing them easily from a CLOUD web page that will also allow you to customize and plan them for use at home.

pain management

Thanks to KARI the patient can immediately communicate to his physiotherapist if he feels pain by stopping the exercise, skipping it or completing it if the pain is light, doing so the recovery is not forced and there is no risk of unnecessary relapse.

analyse results

Thanks to KARI WEB you can check the results that are immediately available in CLOUD from any device connected to the internet.

smart notifications

Thanks to KARI WEB the physiotherapist can immediately know if the patient is having problems and what type.
In addition to KARI WEB you can set your own number and be notified via a practical notification when something is wrong.
Brilliant right?

to whom is Kari suitable?


Suitable for orthopaedics patients with short hospital stays (such as the fast track surgery), Kari is thought to accompany patients who need rehabilitation after hip and knee prosthesis (THR, TKR) in the recovery process.

Fall prevention

Research has shown for many years how proper exercise can alleviate and sometimes eliminate vestibular problems related to balance. Kari offers a series of exercises to improve balance, strength and mobility.

Sports trauma

Many sporting problems (knee or ankle injuries) can only be overcome with constant and controlled exercise. Kari meets the needs of these patients with recovery programs designed just for them.

Also for corporates

Corporate wellness is now a consolidated reality, and it is known that by encouraging physical activity, company employees improve performance. Kari offers controlled and engaging programs to improve also in a corporation.

KARI is distributed by EULERIA

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With Kari, rehabilitation arrives at your patients’ homes: discover Telerehab, the service designed by Euleria to facilitate remote rehabilitation, allowing you to reach patients throughout the country.


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