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Known by everybody as “Agazzi”, the rehabilitation center nestled in the paradise of the Tuscan hills, is a private rehabilitation institute called “Mother of Divine Providence”.
It is operating for many years in the field of disability in order to promote a concrete improvement of the physical and psychological conditions of people who access it.
The Institute declines its activity in terms of habilitation and rehabilitation, assistance and support to the autonomy of life, according to the criteria laid down for health services, services to high socio-health integration and those relating to social interventions.

The private clinic called “Madre della Divina Provvidenza dei Passionisti”



Reference point in Tuscany and in Italy for functional rehabilitation in orthopedics and neurology, the institute Agazzi road is intertwined with that of CoRehab a couple of years ago when David Tacconi decided to take his first steps in the world of rehabilitation starting exactly from his homeland.
The Tuscan Institute embraces the novelty without hesitation and candidates itself as a pioneer of the future of rehabilitation, with a touch of humanity in the attention to the patient’s needs that has always distinguished it.

Riablo is gradually inserted into the rehabilitation path of orthopedic patients with hip and knee replacement, up to become its integral part.
Advanced technologies at the service of patients and professionals: on the one hand, the exercises with biofeedback can motivate the patient and guide him to the correct execution of the motor gesture, on the other a management software that allows you to accurately and efficiently track results of performed exercises and customize the rehabilitation program based on the patient’s needs and characteristics.

Two years have passed from the installation of the product, and CoRehab is ready to launch Riablo Home, the product for home rehabilitation: the Agazzi Institute embraces the challenge again.

“Bring rehabilitation at home, the dream with which CoRehab had embarked on his adventure, begins to take shape.”

The project is clearly defined, creating continuity between the rehabilitation program started in the institute during hospitalization and the one continued at home, by accompany the patient through an “education” process to the use of the device and taking confidence with the technology.

The Agazzi Institute experience is one that is worth telling: thanks to the vision of healthcare leaders and staff capacity physiotherapy that has never skimped tips and suggestions to improve the product, Riablo has become a practical tool to help the patient also for other centers that are adopting our technology.

The Institute has been following the evolution of CoRehab in all its phases and has seen the product growing step by step, with the same patience and persistence that distinguishes professionals in assisting their patients throughout the rehabilitation process.

Riablo Home

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