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what is riablo?


Riablo is an innovative medical device designed  by Euleria to support physiotherapists in their everyday work with patients.
It consists of  wearable sensors and a stabilometric platform that transmits data via bluetooth to a software that provides a biofeedback through a screen.
Through the use of visual-auditory biofeedback designed and patented by CoRehab, the movements of each individual rehabilitation exercise can only be done correctly, with motivation and diligence .
The high precision with which the wearable sensors and the stabilometric platform record the movements, guarantees a high level of accuracy of the recorded data and consequently of the biofeedack offered by the software.

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beat the boredom


Inability to understand one’s own errors and imprecision of the movement are all factors that limit the patient in functional recovery post injury. Riablo is born to solve these problems and overcome the boredom of the exercises!



With Riablo just design the path of recovery of the patient, supervising him during the first cycle and then letting him complete the various exercises following the instructions of the software, even when the patient has to continue at home.

accurate exercises


Thanks to biofeedback and the margins of error established by the physiotherapist via software, we will be sure that all repetitions are correct, increasing effectiveness and precision of the rehabilitation process of all your patients.

ease of use

Using Riablo is very simple . The physiotherapist has at his disposal a rich pre-set library of exercises from which to choose to create work programs suitable for each patient or group of patients.

exercise library

The library has more than 350 exercises built with 130 basic movements that cover all body districts, upper limbs , mobility of column , as well as exercises to restore basic features such as walking and balance , and exercises to train the core stability .

exercise personalisation

I movimenti possono poi essere eseguiti a ripetizioni decidendo il tempo della singola ripetizione, in isometria, impostando il tempo di mantenimento e di riposo, o in mobilità, ovvero muovendosi all’interno di un range articolare stabilito a priori.
Una volta creato il programma, ogni esercizio può essere personalizzato in base a diversi aspetti: 
livello di difficoltà, numero di serie, ripetizioni, durata di ogni ripetizione, tempi di recupero.

perform the exercise

When the program is ready it can be assigned to the individual patient, or < strong> saved in the favorite sequences to use it later with more patients.
Once the patient starts the work, he is faced with screens that guide him step by step in the correct and autonomous execution of each exercise designed for him.

the exercises

Riablo is a biofeedback device. Each individual exercise is then transformed by the software into a simple video game that the patient must complete by performing the movements correctly.
In each exercise there are a maximum of two work parameters that move a “navigator” on the screen in the four directions.
The patient will have to move this navigator by performing the correct movements of the exercise – measured by the wearable sensors and the platform – to achieve the set goals.



Once completed an exercise , the physiotherapist finds all results available in the form of an intuitive report .
These reports are very useful to keep track of the work performed by the patient in clinical or domicile , both in terms of quantity (time and number of exercises) both in terms of quality , with simple indexes that show how each exercise was performed.

what measures

Thanks to this simple but precise instrumentation, Riablo with more than 350 exercises allows you to measure in various combinations:

    • Flexion and extension of the knee
    • Hip flexion, extension, abduction and adduction
    • Flexion, extension and lateral flexion of the trunk
    • Flexion, extension and abduction of the shoulder
    • Elbow bending and prone-supination
    • Center of pressure (COP) and pressure on the various areas of the foot



Romberg test with measurements of Sway, RMS and related. test is performed with the stabilometric platform of Riablo in conditions of stability and instability .

lower limb r.o.m.

With measures of flexion-extension of the knee , flexion-extension and abduction of the hip.

upper limb r.o.m.

With measures of flexion , extension and abduction of the shoulder , bending of the elbow and early-bias

spine column r.o.m.

With focus placed in the lumbar area of the column in anterior-posterior flexion , lateral and extension .

orthopaedic functional

With passive and active mobility test, proprioceptive capacity test, balance; monopodalic, Timed Up and Go ( TUG ) and strength test of quadricipite .


With squat , lunge online, exceeding obstacle , measure of < strong> flexibility of the back kinetic chain, core stability and shoulder mobility .

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Would you like to know more? Leave us your name and a contact and let us know what you are interested in.

riablo fits


Suitable for orthopedic patients, Riablo began its journey with this kind of people, who need physiotherapy after hip and knee replacement.



This type of patient benefits from the use of Riablo for the recovery or maintenance of neural faculties. Examples are parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and ataxia.


Fall prevention

Research has shown for many years that proper exercise can alleviate and sometimes eliminate vestibular problems related to balance. It’s easier with Riablo today.


Sports injury

Even athletes can benefit from the use of Riablo, thanks to the recovery facilitated by a lesion of the anterior cruciate, knee or ankle problems.


Spinal injury

One of the most surprising results Riablo has obtained by combining traditional physiotherapy in the recovery of a serious spinal injury.


Shoulder injury

Chronic trauma to the shoulders and upper limbs can become a serious problem in the long run, with Riablo it is possible to perform targeted exercises for these indications.


Spine and low spine

In adulthood it is difficult to realize wrong habits maintained for years, with Riablo it is possible to act on these districts to improve and relieve pain.




Also for the youngest, the use of Riablo allows healthy growth thanks to advice on exercises that can be beneficial also in outdoor activities.

how do i get riablo?

Riablo is distributed by Euleria.
Click the link below to learn more and book a demo.

some centers that have already chosen riablo



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