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From the first Riablo prototype (2012) to the release of Kari (2019), CoRehab has placed on the international market
latest generation solutions and devices to measure movement
and make neurological, athletic and orthopedic rehabilitation
easier and more effective.

Afterwards, CoRehab’s know-how has merged into Euleria Health,
an innovative startup and Benefit Company which purchased
first Kari‘s business branch and then Riablo‘s.

Currently, Riablo and Kari are produced and sold by

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NEUROLOGICAL rehabilitation

Biofeedback acts on cortical plasticity allowing reconstruction of damaged neural networks and the correct restoration of motor patterns

Back pain rehabilitation

Riablo has a simple evaluation of the articular capacity of the spine (flexion, extension and lateral flexion) with an immediate comparison with normative data…


Exercise as medicine

The case of the Villa Beretta hospital, an Italian and world excellence in the field of rehabilitation medicine, which for years has been using Riablo in the clinic every day and to follow patients at home

Intensive therapy for post-stroke

An interesting new and almost incredible application of Riablo and Back in Action with post stroke patients at the European Center for Neurosciences in Madrid.


From our blog - Motor rehabilitation in parkinson

Parkinson rehabilitation is strongly based on motor exercises that improve balance and mobility of patients if performed with biofeedback and technology

Total joint rehabilitation

The continuous increase in these types of interventions is forcing public and private health facilities to reduce post-operative hospitalization…

Registered Office:

CoRehab srl
Polo Tecnologico
Trentino Sviluppo
Via dei Solteri, 38
38121 Trento (TN)


CoRehab srl
Modulo B03
Via delle Zigherane, 4/A
38068 Rovereto (TN)

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