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The First Riablo Center
MARZO, 2017
New technologies

Paolo and Francesco.
Do not worry, this is not a modern reinterpretation of Dante 😉

Paolo, a typical Roman, one of those who betray their origin from the very first words spoken…stubborn, perfectionist and determined.
A long and consistent experience both technical and managerial in some of the biggest companies of the biomedical market.

Francesco, a Neapolitan adopted by the Capital since more than 20 years…thoughtful, staid and painstaking. A career in the world of entrepreneurship and editorial.

2 friends before being 2 business partners. Both animated by a constant desire to get involved.

In 2016 they decide to exploit their technical and soft skills to join in a new business venture, to create an avant-garde rehabilitation center: Physiotech3.0.

3.0, as 3 are the key principles behind the project.

SERIOUSNESS: the philosophical approach in meeting the different needs of each patient and treat any disease in the most correct way thanks to a continuous scientific updating and use of the latest technologies.

: innovative technologies to ensure the structure competitiveness and innovative spirit.

PROFESSIONALISM: a team of physical therapists and athletic trainers with a glorious career as athletes of national and international level in different sports, combined with the support of professionals nationally and internationally recognized in their specializations

Corehab is a fundamental part of this project, Physiotech3.0 can be called a real RIABLO CENTER…a reference center for the Italian territory that delivers all the Corehab technology and that tests projects in development with interest and critical spirit.

Functional tests for professional athletes and not, as the digitalized version of the famous FMS test (Functional Movement Screen) able to identify deficits and asymmetries in mobility and stability, giving a clear indication of risk of injury; or as Back in Action, the only validated test in the world able to provide an index of return to sport after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament.

But also to assessments of range of motion, balance and proprioceptive capabilities for orthopedic and neurological patients, from children to adults.

“Physiotech3.0 can be called a real RIABLO CENTER, a reference center for the Italian territory ”
A complete assessment tool for all users that allows the accurate customization of training programs with the Riablo biofeedback to correctly restore motor patterns and improve neuromuscular capacity.

But Physiotech3.0 is much more of a Riablo center, within this center the Corehab technology coexists with other advanced equipments in order to create a synergy able to offer the best possible service to its customers.

As the Antigravity Treadmill, a system capable of handling the weight of the patient/athlete, and therefore the load on the lower limbs, relieving the patient from a minimum of 20% of his body weight up to 80%, with 1% increments.

A center of excellence in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, coupled with a specialized medical clinic for visits covering different fields: cardiology, gynecology, urology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and pediatric orthopedics.

We are proud to partner with competent and motivated people like Paolo, Francesco and their staff … a valuable support for our growth not only from the professional point of view but also from the human one.

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