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by Martha


Luca doesn’t like telling his story.
Since I know him, downhill is the only word I heard about his accident..and I don’t even know what’s the meaning of downhill.

But in the end, why should we know how, when, where, why..the accident is part of his past and Luca looks ahead, with the determination and the strength of a superhero.
Frank, stubborn, genuine, humble, from the first moment we met him we knew that we wanted to be part of his journey.

We decided to propose to test the prototype of the new product for home rehabilitation: Riablo Home.
Bluetooth, inertial sensors, pressure platform, biofeedback..for a guy who has always worked as a bricklayer these words do not mean so much, but for Luca is not important to know what they are, he just wants to try.

Luca during an assessment.

So one morning in August I am in my car on the road to Stenico, a small village of 1000 people, with a computer, a platform and sensors.I still remember the first time that we tried the exercises together, the right leg was much weaker than the left, we had to differentiate the exercise modality and target angles: isometry for the stronger, repetitions for the weakest, an angle for the left one, a smaller angle for the right one.

Sometimes I’ve heard: “I can not do it”, but I’ve always seen him trying.

In Trentino dialect it is said “calcagiara”, it means steamroller..I can not imagine a better term to describe him.

He trains every day: Riablo, swimming pool, physiotherapy. 9 o’ clock is Riablo time. It’s not admitted to forget loading the protocol…
At 09:01 comes the call or the message “Hello, could you please load the exercises?”.

In Trentino dialect it is said “calcagiara”, it means steamroller..I can not imagine a better term to describe him.

Day by day, training by training, we see his improvements from the exercise charts..bit by bit piano the angles reached rise, as well as series and repetitions..the right leg has come to do the same things on the left, to the exercises in a sitting position we added those fours, movements that he could only see now are real.

And this is just the beginning, we are sure.

Luca during an exercise with biofeedback.

This is the story we want to tell, this is the story that interests us, not the one concerning the accident.

A story of strength, perseverance, willpower, of how technology can help a person to rebuild his future.
But it’s not only’s the story of a boy with a family at his side supporting him and giving him strength. As Silvia, his wife, constant and irreplaceable presence in his path.

Thanks Luca, because you taught us that in life should never give up and that superheroes do not exist only in books 😉

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